RUF DualMode Transport System

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The future transport system globally has to be MUCH more efficient and electric. RUF offers a new combination of rail and car technology developed in Denmark with Government support.

It can reduce air resistance by close platooning on a special triangular monorail by a factor of more than 3. It can reduce rolling resistance by a factor of more than 3 because of the patented drive system and the triangular monorail.

The vehicles are powered from the monorail, so batteries only need to be small in order to drive from a monorail exit to your destination. On the monorail the vehicles are self driving in a VERY safe way, so that you can relax and work/sleep/enjoy the view while moving at 150 km/h.

RUF systems will be started as Public Transport using the maxi-ruf bus vehicle with room for 10 passengers. Every passenger has a seat and most seats are separated from the other so that virus spread can be minimized.

The network of monorails can be created fast using mass produced modules placed on top of 4 m high masts separated by 20 m. It can also be placed underground at much lower cost than a normal metro.

Since bus and train is the same vehicle, a trip by RUF public transport can be faster than by train and you will have no problem with parking. The switch is using magnetic fields to guide the vehicles in different directions at a junction. No delay means that a very dynamic flow of vehicles is possible. It also means that off-line stations can be realized, so that passengers do not have to waste their time at intermediate stations.

Public Transport will become high status! Night trains based upon maxi-ruf with a sleeping cabine can bring you a long distance during night, so that you can avoid short distance flights and avoid a lot of CO2 emissions. Goods vehicles can use the RUF monorail network. Vehicles can climb steep due to the special drive system which makes it possible to press against both sides of the top of the monorail and obtain the friction you need for climbing a steep slope.

RUF has been tested in Denmark and supported by EU. RUF has been recommended by many experts. See:

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I (Palle R Jensen) have been appointed by CNN to be one of the few "Principal Voices" in the world regarding Transport



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    Palle Jensen
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    I am an inventor and found it frustrating that Public Transport and Cars are so far apart in performance and quality.
    RUF ( solves this problem combining the best of cars with the best of trains.
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