Extractor Tools

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Product Overview
The extractor is a multi-use, car-crash survival tool designed to aid a passenger trapped inside a vehicle. The product’s numerous features include:
A built-in razor for cutting the seat belt if trapped in a situation where the belt cannot be unbuckled
A built-in glass breaker to break out car windows when trapped. This feature will be reversible and feature a Philips and standard screw-driver bit for increased utility
An ice scraper edge that can double as a self-defense tool
Several nut drive openings
Convenient clip to attach the item to the car visor

To provide a multi-purpose car crash survival tool that enables an individual to escape a wrecked car if assistance is unavailable. Additionally, the tool will feature a number of practical utilities in order to make it useful on a regular basis, not just in emergency situations.

Specifically, while seatbelts “reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half”, people are sometimes trapped in their vehicle after a crash and cannot unfasten their seatbelt. In such circumstances, a tool like the Extractor would be extremely useful. Additionally, while fewer than one half of one percent of accidents involve injuries from fire or water, many people falsely believe this statistic to be much higher. As a result, a tool like the Extractor gives these people peace of mind knowing that even in the highly unlikely event they become trapped in a car that is enflamed or submerging in water, they can cut their seatbelt and break out a window to escape.



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    Jesse Morgan
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    I was returning home just after midnight from an investigation case in Arcadia, Fl. A drunk driver crossed lanes and hit me head on. My Jeep Cherokee rolled and caught fire. I was pinned upside down in my vehicle with my seatbelt stuck and the door and window jammed, unable to reach my glove box or pockets to get to a knife or any tools. Lucky for me, a family going home from the Lee County Fair stopped, broke my side window, cut my seat belt and got me out. If it wasn't for them, I would not be here today … they SAVED MY LIFE! This horrible experience, and knowledge of others like it that were not so lucky, gave me the inspiration to create The EXTRACTOR!
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