Energy Harvesting Shock Absorber for EVs.

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Automotive suspension systems utilizing shock-absorber components are indispensable parts of electrical automobiles relying on rechargeable battery power. Suspension systems are a good source of kinetic energy. In particular, commonly used hydraulic shock-absorbing components contain mechanically closed-loop and fluctuating pressure environment with high frequency force variations subject to vehicle weight, vehicle velocity, tire and road conditions.

Kinetic energy generated by electrical vehicle hydraulic shock absorbers can be harvested with high-efficiency and converted to DC voltage output within the shock-absorbers and used to recharge vehicle batteries or for other casual vehicle consumption. This proposal involves a method which does not use moving-parts and is easily adaptable to the existing shock-absorber manufacturing processes. Depicting the general concept in illustration provided(courtesy of Internet), the low-cost innovation is also suitable to energy harvest in standard vehicles regardless of size (automobiles, trucks, etc.) with internal combustion engines.

It is anticipated that such energy harvesting components can recover and reuse significant energy otherwise wasted. It is estimated that an electrical automobile can extend its mileage especially in long-distance travel and in between recharge stops. The added cost per shock absorber retail price is negligible and energy savings pays back the added cost in a very short time.


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    Mehmet T Sindel
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