Electronic Cross-country Scooter with Phenomenal Safety, Range and Speed

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We are glad to representing our own Electronic scooter witch perform amazing results in cross-country ability, safety, range and speed.

All components of our own design and we proud of 3 general features(patent pending) in our scooter: motor wheel with liquid cooling system, hydraulic brake system, Suspension.

1. General information
-Maximum speed - 110km\h
-Acceleration 0-100km\h - 6 seconds
-Weight - 66кг
-Maximum load - 200kg
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 100km\h - 60km
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 60 km\h - 110 km
-Range of mileage on one charge, at a constant speed of 30km\h - 160km
-Minimum battery charging time 0-100% - 2 hours

2. Engine.
-Engine type-Motor-wheel, with integrated liquid cooling system.
-Two sets of hall sensors.
-Tubeless, rain tire for go - kart Bridgestone Regen YNP
-Maximum power - 27квт
-Operating temperature of magnets - up to 150 degrees.
Class ingress protection - IP67

3. Accumulator.
-22s1p Li-Ion 60AH 7C LG NMC
-Voltage - 66-92.4 v
-Capacity - 4.8 kW\hour
-Maximum discharge current - 400A
-Long-term discharge current - 250A
-Maximum charge current - 60A

4. Suspension.
-Rear - multi-link
-Front - lever type
-Suspension travel - 160mm
-Shock absorbers - pneumatic, with adjustment rigidity and rebound.

5. Frame.
With integrated liquid cooling system and concealed wiring. All structural elements have been designed to provide specified strength characteristics, with minimum weight, using computer simulation.
Class ingress protection - IP65
-Basic elements design - machined, aircraft-grade aluminum (D16T)
-Power of elements - titanium(OT4)
-Steering - carbon
-All movable elements are mounted bearings - SKF
-Bushings shock absorbers - kaprolon(polyamide-6)
-Steering Cup - two, tapered, roller, angular contact bearings, with a maximum load of 45 tons
-The maximum static load of all components and parts in the Assembly, within the elastic deformation - 650kg

6. Brake system. Own development. Specially designed for mountainous terrain and able to easily withstand any downhill.
-Front wheel hydraulics.
The diameter of the piston - 33mm.
-Rear wheel hydraulic ventilated + regenerative braking.
The diameter of the piston - 33mm.
Electronic brake - with brake force adjustment from a separate trigger.

7. Optics. Based on led (Cree CXA2540).
-Type - led headlight with lens
-Brightness - middle lm 4600 + 4600 lm far
-Number of lights - 2
Power one lamp - 36w

8. Control. Two, multi-functional, shockproof trigger under the thumb.
-The principle of the hall sensor
-Mechanics - ball bearing.
-Materials - milled, aircraft-grade aluminum.
-Multi-function buttons to activate the main and additional functions of the controller.
-Water protection class - IP54 (upgrade under development)

9. Battery charger. On the basis of the server power supply(flatpack2).
-Allows you to charge the scooter 0-100% in two hours, with an efficiency of 92%

10. Electronics.
-TermoNucular 24f
-Maximum battery current Ц 300A
-Maximum phase current Ц 500A

-Multi-function, shockproof, waterproof display, built-in steering wheel.
-Screen protection - tempered glass - Gorilla Glass
-Waterproof, mechanical control keys.
-Protection class display



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    Traveling, angeniring, create new things
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    Five years ago my friend returned from China and he was exiting about electronic transport there : bikes, cars, buses. He bought one E-scooter and brought it to me. i started searching and upgrade those scooter and decided to create my own with characteristics i need long time living battery, safety, power and speed and im sure i achieved it.
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