Nationwide Hyperlink Toll Road

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Our vision is to create a nationwide high-speed elevated and automated toll road. Hyperlink toll roads power and control electric cars and trucks as they travel. Urban stations are every 4 miles and vet vehicles entering the system for safe travel and also provide fast food and package delivery. The electric cars are dual-mode and are controlled in the elevated network, or driven manually or autonomously at street level. This transport system is for both passengers and freight for short or long-distance travel. A single-vehicle can provide door to door service in any weather as the toll-road has a roof covered by solar panels. The travel service is less costly than driving a personal car, and the toll is for the vehicle, not the passengers creating very high demand for the service.

Hyperlink Freedom Mass Transit toll roads provide high-speed transport of both goods and people will have a significant impact.
•A $70,000 investment in Hyperlink could pay a small investor as much as $19,000 a
year or more
•50-70% reduction in cross country travel time
•70-90% reduction in cross-town travel time
•Elimination of most weather-related delays *
•15% reduction in cost for transport **
•Very low-cost group travel (LA to San Diego cost $6.20 per person with 8 passenger
•Elimination of most traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities
•Elimination of most traffic congestion delays
•30% reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions
•Safe, secure, and PRIVATE travel will reduce the chance of contracting contagious
diseases like COVID 19
* The Hyperlink toll road has a roof over the roadway making travel weatherproof
** The IRS allowance for business car travel.
For 2019 the rate is 58 cents per mile while the cost for FMT is 49 cents per mile

California has the highest Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) (461,000 vehicles) on CA-60 just east of Los Angeles. Other routes with crowded highways include I-75 in Atlanta (409,000), I-69 in Houston (341,300), and I-90 in Chicago (327,900). The 37ft wide elevated Hyperlink toll road can handle 900,000 vehicles per day.

Grandparents living in Manhattan want to visit their grandchildren in Boston. They use a smartphone app to call for a car to pick them up at their home the next morning at 8:00 am. They also want the car to bring coffee, juice, and Danish rolls.
Comparison of Travel Time & Cost for Boston – NCY FMT vs. Other Modes (one-way travel)

Mode Time Cost (2 Persons)
Car 4 hrs, 50 min $124.70*
Train 4 hrs, 0 min $250.00
Flights 1 hr, 19 min** $170.00
HYPERLINK 1 hr, 46 min $108.44
* IRS business travel cost allowance
** Flight time only; door-to-door time about 4 hrs

It is doubtful this elderly couple would even make the trip using current travel options. However, with Hyperlink, they would be in Boston at the kids’ house before 10:00 am. and see the kids to bed at 8 pm. back home by 10 pm.


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