Hyper-Efficient Automated Parking

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Parking has been a hassle for decades, and yet is a necessity. Everywhere we go we spend a large chunk of time looking for a parking space. The most common solution are Parking Structures, but these are very expensive, unsafe for pedestrians and take up a large area. This design is for an Automated Parking Structure that creates the highest car density on the smallest footprint. Its also the safest for cars and pedestrians because drivers can retrieve their cars automatically while waiting safely in the Pedestrian Area, knowing their car is in a restricted area where no one can access it and therefore steal from it.

This design uses a system of Gantries, lifts and pallets to move cars to their corresponding stack, this stack of cars are accesed from above therefore no space is wasted as oppose to other Automated parking structures around the world. Its also the fastest because the Gantries move in coordination and there are many bays for receiving/retrieving vehicles, it's even faster than walking to your car and driving to the exit as well as Safer too, since there have been robberies and attacks happening every day on parking structures.

Because of this high density design, this structure can park almost Three Times the number of cars compared to a regular Car parking Structure, this design is the Perfect Solution for high density cities and towns, compared to the competition this is the safest, fastest to retrieve and better at everything!



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    Luis Ricardo Mercado Mendoza
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