Portable Trunk Fence

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The Trunk Fence puts a stop to runaway groceries and other objects in the back of your vehicle. The Trunk Fence is designed to eliminate the movement of almost anything when you go around corners or stop suddenly. The Trunk Fence expands and conforms to capture whatever shape cargo you might have. The more the cargo weighs, the firmer the Trunk Fence’s nubs will stick to the carpet.

When not in use the Trunk Fence compresses in length and folds flat for easy storage. The Trunk Fence can be used in any vehicle with a carpeted storage area. Made of strong ABS plastic, the Truck Fence will last for decades.

The Trunk Fence is simple to use. First, remove the fence from the cardboard packaging. Second, rotate the base legs to a horizontal position. Now, hold the ends and expand to your desired length and set the fence in place. Shape the curve of the fence to match your cargo. Place your cargo on the back side of the fence and up against the fence on the base legs. The more cargo weight on the base legs, the more secure the fence will hold on to the carpet. When done with the fence, simply pick it up, compress it and fold it flat.

The Trunk Fence is 350 millimeters tall and can be expanded to a meter wide (13.75 inches tall by 39 inches wide). When stowed flat, it is 450 millimeters long and 100 millimeters wide (17.75 inches long and 4 inches wide).

Distribution packaging consists of a cardboard back piece and shrink wrap. Point of sale display will allow for either hanging the unit or setting them in a cardboard rack.



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