Interconnect Suspension Structure for Elevated Monorails

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Subways are incredibly expensive to build and take years, light trains that run at street level create congestion, making traffic worst, so how to solve the problem if public transportation? With elevated trains! However even though this cost less and are quicker to build, they have a problem: they block the sunlight and that lowers the quality of life in the streets below, lowering the value of real state.

This structure solves those problems because the tracks and supporting structure are slim enough that allow plenty of sunlight to reach the street.

This monorail is the solution to most transportation problems because:

a.) Slim and slender track that doesn't block sunlight.
b.) Very few towers or pylons because its based on suspension bridge technology
c.) Low cost and quick and easy construction

Compared to other systems, where the pylons or towers have to be placed at five or six on every block, this system uses only one pair per block... minimizing the impact on the street below as well as lowering construction/operation costs and greatly speeding up construction times.



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