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So much is going on and so many, everyone, is affected. With the global pandemic, economies crashing and internal-international struggles for equality we have been forced to question every-one-of our purchases and needs. Running our 80k lux-trucks as daily commuters is not only unsustainable, it’s irresponsible. Where does this leave us in terms of transportation? Yes, definitely public transportation is the most affordable and sustainable, but with the covid scare public transportation and ride-sharing will be for the brave and/or unaware. Sure bicycle and scooter sharing is great and fun but are only for abled bodies. What about the rapidly aging population which only get older and grow?

The Daily is just that; a vehicle designed with only “the essentials” for greater sustainability and greater accessibility for all. Every aspect of the vehicle is taken into consideration including styling, manufacturing and closed-loop lifecycle. Made of recopol it is very durable, impact resistant, can be injection molded AND made with color-in-mold; completely eliminating many environmentally degrading processes. Bicycle tires and wheels are readily available and minimal contact area reduces the amount of rubber used and can tolerate majority of use case scenarios. The cockpit is inspired by Amitermes meridionalis and A. laurensis termite mounds to provide passive temperature control. Instead of forcing traditional cars to downsize, much like theSmart Car did, we should consider pushing the traditional bicycle’s utility upward. Now we know this isn’t the “solves all” of transportations needs, but if we DO pay attention and analyze our transportation habits/needs this does fit most of us. We don’t need a 1/2 to truck to do groceries. Think of this as a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for adults; a “Big Tike” for conscious people…

With 75nm of torque connected to a CVT and a 1250wh battery system, the range is plenty for most commuters. Limited to 30mph and under 40 inches wide also affords this vehicle to travel in the bike lane; it’s preferred lane. Limited to 30mph isn’t a loss at all as average speeds in high density areas is far less than that. This new form of transportation, hopefully, will have a beneficial domino effect where streets and sidewalks can be reclaimed by nature and activities which encourage city exploration. Together, can keep our skies clear.

This vehicle has been designed for easy, licensed manufacturing. The assembly of this vehicle is meant to be decentralize & franchised to support local economies and encourage users to personalize/modify. Really make it their own. We ask for the support of local governments to allow perpendicular sidewalk parking as the DAILY is much shorter in length than a hummer H2 is in width. This is much safer for drivers as they no longer have to walk into oncoming traffic to enter their vehicles.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our vision of sustainable transportation and will appreciate any/all feedback and guidance.


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    As an industrial designer obsessed with cars my passion is looking to solve transportation-related problems. Sometimes the problems at hand are vehicle-related, sometimes they are system-related, but, they are ALWAYS user related. Every project I approach with the goal of understanding the underlining pain-point. From there I explore all variables, possibilities and feasibility to eventually arrive at A possible solution. The inspiration is to design solutions.
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