Magnetic Shock Absorber

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A wide variety of suspension techniques are used in the automobile industry. Most of them use compressive spring, hydraulics, etc. Such shock absorbers require maintenance. I am proposing a novel way of shock absorber which does not require any spring, coil, oil, hydraulics or pneumatic mechanism. In this concept I have used simple law of magnet, "like poles repels." As shown in the figure, a neodymium magnet is fixed at the bottom of the outer fork with one pole, say North in red color pointing upwards and another similar magnet fitted at the upper slider/fork with north pole (red color) pointing downwards. When motorbike moves due to uneven road surface or roughness the handle experiences jerks. Since upside down telescopic suspension is used where slider are positioned at the top, when slider pushes down, the magnet fitted to it also pushed down and it experience repulsive action due to "like pole repels " principle. The Fixed magnet at the lower fork always repels the downward movement of upper magnet fitted to slider. Since both magnet are fitted in such a way that there is no room for them to turn in opposite direction. Of course, The upside down arrangement of fork must have very smooth friction less up and down movement. This arrangement may also be utilized for generation of electricity by winding magnet wire outside the lower fork. When magnet moves up and down inside the fork, it will develop electric current in the coil winded at the outside of the lower fork. This electric current can be used for number of application such as charging battery, for indicator lamp etc.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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