Urban Rover (Autonomous Housing Vehicle)

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Urban Rover is an autonomous home platform for the city professional. Rovers are a new form of affordable housing, providing life's essentials in a comfortable yet mobile footprint. Through a subscription based model that provides connectivity and home utilities, Urban Rover streamlines city living while providing a comfortable home in an autonomous vehicle uninhibited by expensive contracts and static addresses. Live dynamically and enjoy life’s essentials anywhere effortlessly.

Cities are becoming key localities for employment and opportunities. Especially for young adults who are new to the job market, increasing numbers of professionals are moving to cities only to find that housing prices are largely unaffordable. Often, a significant proportion of income is spent on living or transportation, limiting the potential for individuals to invest in other experiences or essentials. Urban professionals are limited to living in expensive-tiny homes or are required to spend long hours in congested traffic to access their work. There is a need for cost-effective solutions to support an urban lifestyle.

Partner with cities and private citizens to legalize and regulate shared rentals for driveways, empty parking spaces and garages to facilitate Rover overnight parking. Designate flexible spaces for commonly underutilized lots to move cars off streets and away from private neighborhoods. Maximize use of all spaces in cities at all hours of the day.

Improve public opinion towards infrastructure and manage NIMBYism (not in my backyard) to reduce our reliance on privately owned cars. Rovers can serve a broader population when operating autonomously as local micro-shuttles or rideshare, providing secondary functions as accessible and safe mobility.

The primary business goal of Urban Rover is to create a new market sector for dynamic living while drawing customers away from the existing, near-monopoly of sessile rentals/houses. To date, the mobile living model is a niche concept utilized mostly for travel and leisure with a smaller growing category of "vanlife" living individuals. It will take a jump in technological advancements with regards to autonomous vehicles in addition to a larger investment of resources, but the core goal of the product is to disrupt a market and grow a platform for a rapidly needed change in the cost of living for urban areas. In order to market and commercialize this product, the technology needs to engage users and needs to be demonstrated in a location that has existing population concerns, high living costs, and a need for affordable living solutions. Communities in highly disparate areas such as Greater LA and the Bay are ripe for testing such a network of urban housing vehicles.

Learn more and view VR – zaneliu.com/urbanrover


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