HT Glass

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Project will be used as auto glass or anywhere to prevent freezing point specially cars and heavy transport vehicles.

Project Elements/Components:

  1. Heat conducting Clear coating called “LowE”

  2. Temper Glass.

  3. Film Heating Elements.

  4. Thermostat to control the Temperature.

  5. DC voltage source (Battery)

  6. Voltage Regulator Electronic Circuit

  7. Current Regulator to minimize current consumption.

  8. Connectors

  9. Electronic Timer Circuit (optional)

  10. Extra Battery (optional)

Process to make or manufacture the Temper glass: “Glass pieces “A” and B”

  1. Glass “A” was coated with heat protective layer called LowE on one surface

  2. Glass “B” was coated with same material on one surface

  3. Heating film element was placed on one of the LowE coated glass surface.

  4. Glass “A” and Glass “B” were jointed together keeping heat protective layers facing each


    without any gap in between the glass “A” and “B” to make the glass tempered.

  5. Because of this heat protective inner double layer glass heated up quickly with very

    minimal heat, using very small amount of electric current (DC current)

HT Glass Assembly:

  1. As the tempered glass had heat protective layers and heating element

  2. Heating element was connected with voltage source DC 12 volt Or DC 6 volt through

    thermostat using voltage and current regulator circuits.

  3. Thermostat helped to control the glass surface temperature to prevent freezing point.

  4. Current or voltage timer can also be used instead of thermostat to provide current to

    the heating element with specific preprogramed time intervals to keep the glass surface temperature higher to prevent freezing.

Benefits of HT Glass:

  1. As HT Glass whole project is very simple and consisting of few component or parts

  2. This Project is cost effective

  1. HT Glass can also be used with heavy transport vehicles to save time of removing snow from glass. Most of the time this snow becomes ice which is very hard to remove and also time taking process.

  2. Safety wise HT Glass is much more effective to keep other cars safe with clean windows to prevent road accidents.

  3. HT Glass is also cost effective to prevent extra fuel consumption.

  4. HT Glass is much more useful with very low cost.



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