Peace in Transit Device

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Having witnessed several times discussions and fights over the traffic, I decided to create this device that will be officially an appeasement for this growing problem, which has even caused deaths. Currently in the world we have a quantity of 1.2 billion vehicles, which is 7 people for each vehicle, and the trend is increasing, because many people still dream of having cars, and today's children will grow up and also buy their cars. The speed at which this happens goes beyond the evolution of a city, in adapting to the number of vehicles that circulate daily through the city, so there is a need to think that this will affect good conduct within the transit system. Speaking of the device, it will be very simple, but very efficient in the message, and in what it will transmit to the people of the world, and it will not be expensive to adapt the vehicles already manufactured and those to come.

It will consist of small LED bars, of a single color that will be registered worldwide and by all manufacturers, which will be located inside the vehicle at the corner of each window as in the image, being activated by a button on the vehicle panel or the integration on the steering wheel, in modern models, which when pressed, will flash simultaneously for 2 times quickly and for the 3rd time slowly for 4 seconds, emitting a light that outside the vehicle can be seen even during very sunny days. The meaning of this device is to pass on the message of an "apology for my mistake or mistake," that whenever there is a small distraction in traffic that ends up disturbing the driver next door, the causer can trigger it as a way to avoid an argument while driving. The intention after the formalization of the device, is to create campaigns all over the world, each country, each state and city in its own way, informing drivers, what it is, what it is for, how to use it, so that a worldwide awareness of this new technology for cars, being able to extend to motorcycles, trucks and other means of driving and with certainty for the vehicles of the future. Today is just an idea, but tomorrow it could be the new peace device in traffic.


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