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FRWC is an autonomous drone car that can effectively remove water and snow in outdoor courts and repair potholes in the field, improving the time-consuming manual repair method and providing the players a safe court environment at all times.

FRWC utilizes the electric heating plates to melt the snow in the court, and then uses the water absorbent sponge to absorb the water, and squeezes the sucked water into the internal storage tank through the rolling wheel to remove the accumulated water and avoid backflow.

The vehicle body can be equipped with special repair modules according to different venues, which can fill or flatten the court according to the materials required by the venue, helping to repair potholes and return the court to a usable state in the shortest time.


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    Yu-hsing Wu
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    Wu, Yu-Hsing
    Wang, Wei-Ting
    Hung, Chia-Jun
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    Want to discover more designs that improve society.
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