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Hyperloop is a disruptive transportation technology for people and goods. A Hyperloop comprises a sealed vacuum tube with reduced pressure through which a floating pod/capsule travels with low air resistance or friction conveying people or goods at high speed (up to 750 miles per hour). Hyperloop system combines the convenience of a train and the speed of an airplane. According to MarketsandMarkets Research, the Hyperloop technology market is expected to grow from USD 1.3 billion in 2022 to USD 6.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 47.2%. The project is related to a multi-functional training and experimentation testbed for Hyperloop and similar technologies. And despite the fact that the Hyperloop as an idea has been in the market for years now with interesting investment attractions, there is still a huge gap in the access to development and testing.

Our testbed comprises sealed tube with vacuuming system, a capsule/pod levitated and propelled by an electromagnetic engine, a number of stations, condition monitoring and control system, HMI unit for local experimentation, telepresence system for remote experimentation, interactive virtual reality tool and a digital twin. This testbed can be used for professional and educational training on Hyperloop technology and other related technologies. It allows students, trainees and researchers to study, experiment and understand different aspects of Hyperloop technology as disruptive transportation technology. The testbed enables different instructional and constructional activities showing not only how the Hyperloop technology works but also what the technology can do.

Users can gain hands-on experience in testing various possible Hyperloop scenarios, through testing and analyzing different aerodynamic profiles, pressure profiles, electromagnetic propulsion and levitation systems, electromagnetic and mechanical braking systems, real-time control, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance software using an easy to understand and re-programmable training and experimentation platform. The system is accompanied with an interactive virtual reality (VR) tool for further virtual visits to the lab and a full scale Hyperloop experience.

The testbed hover engines (N-52 halbach arrayed) are the most complex component of the testbed. The current main objective is to customize the engines performance for higher thrust and levitation potentials. In addition, an optimization for structure design and materials (3D- printed and carbon fiber structures), where the objective is mainly weight and performance optimization for such a dynamic system.

The lab facility’s potential shareholders include, but are not limited to, Hyperloop companies, mobility providers, R&D centers, universities and governmental institutions interested in disruptive and sustainable mobility systems. The lab facility as a platform for professional and educational training, experimentation and research has the potential to generate new knowledge in the area of disruptive and sustainable mobility, train highly qualified personnel and incubate new companies geared towards disruptive mobility, remote experimentation, systems engineering, virtual reality & augmented reality, data analytics and digital twins.

Our initial target market is North- America, Europe, and the Gulf due to the massive growing governmental and industrial interest in the Hyperloop domain with insufficient supply of R&D accessibility.



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    Samar Abdelfattah
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    Samar AbdelFattah, Co-founder @ Disruptive Mobility Technologies DM TECH
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