Automatic Safety Supplemental Headlight (LSCM)

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B-G INNOVATIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS Introduces World’s First Headlight with Integrated Light Safety Control Module (LSCM).

7" LED Vehicle Headlight with Integrated Back-Up Technology (Patented Light Safety Control Module, LSCM). NEVER DRIVE WITH A COMPROMISED HEADLIGHT! Increase safety and reduce costs with a replacement or OEM headlight that includes a supplemental light mode in event of low-beam outage. Key Features High / Low Beam Low Beam: 1pc super bright LED; High Beam: 4pcs super bright LED Redundant . . . Automatically converts High Beam to a Supplemental Low Beam, Extends life of Headlight, Alerts by flashing headlight 3 times at power recycle in Supplemental Mode. This particular headlight Fits 7-inch models with standard H4 plug: auto, truck, SUV, bus, van, motorcycle, off-road. This technology can be integrated into other headlights also. This headlight sustains drivers safety and aids into saving lives by always having adequate illumination. Our patented supplemental lighting technology has been reviewed and approved by the NHTSA and have letter to support it.



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    Marcus Boykin
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    Patented Technology also used in our Lighting Bug
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