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Metro Fit is an Active Public Transit application for the city of LA. It aims to highlight the importance of community participation in sustainable mobility practices.

Based on ethnographic research and literature review, evidence suggests that despite adequate affordances to use public transit, service providers like LA METRO sees poor ridership due to the dominant car culture and its supporting landscapes. The insights formed from primary research is -

Highly underrated public transportation system due to the stereotypical perception of the service offered.

And therefore, the central theme emerging from the research was "undesirability". How can we make public transit more desirable? How can we change the perception of what it means to travel sustainably? How can we combine the interests of Angelenos with the affordances of public transit?

In 2017, LA was awarded as the host of SU 2028 Olympics. This project leverages the occasion to conceptualize the way LA MOVES during and after the olympic season.

ABOUT APP: Gamifying the way we access public transit using Olympic Sport as a metaphor. This includes challenges, competition, awards, incentives and so on.


  • LA Metro Service Map/ Route Navigation/ Timetable
  • One Tap Payment System
  • Daily trip-based Olympic games
  • Olympic Medal Tracker
  • Money Saved (Sustainability Metric)
  • Fitness Tracker (Sustainability Metric)
  • Social Media Influencer for sustainable mobility
  • Point based Rewards & Deals

FUTURE CONTEXT: Los Angeles, 2027

USE CASE (Brief): Trips that take approximately the same time in public transit as it takes in a private single occupant car (and/or) short trips that does not require the use of a car (and/or) trips that end up booking rideshare services unnecessarily leading to more congestion and empty miles.



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