Electric Drive for Semi-Trailer Motion

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We bring to your attention the electric drive of the roadtrain semi-trailer axle.

The device is installed on the semi-trailer axle. Instead of standard brake discs, the star gears and 2 asynchronous motors are put, which make the axle rotate (forward or backwards) in case of wheel slip on icy roads, as well as on dirt roads during rains. At the same time, they will be successfully used in mountains during ascents and descents for dense road adherence and other conditions of the roadtrain operation, and also perform the role of a braking device. The system itself and the motors are powered through a converter from batteries, controlled through a controller that synchronizes the rotation of the axle with the speed of traction vehicle movement. For the safety of driving a vehicle, the device operates at speeds up to 25 miles per hour, when speed is exceeded, it switches off and is used only in braking mode.


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