EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck - Modular Upgrade Platform

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The EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck is a unique patented solution integrating new and existing technology into a single platform. It quickly upgrades any class 6-8 vehicle to save up to 40% fuel. This results in an immediate drop in toxic emissions and total cost of ownership. The hybrid system generates its own electricity while driving and does not rely on costly infrastructure and charging downtime. It extends range and allows Near-Zero Emissions under 40mph. Integrated AI and Machine Learning extends the life of the vehicle and improves vehicle-driver performance by optimizing all systems to work together more efficiently.


The highest diesel emissions come from starting and accelerating/decelerating. Diesel engines were designed to sustain heavy loads at constant speeds. Increased city driving with more stops wastes fuel, increases heat, and emits more toxic gases. Diesel emission regulations to curb this have complicated the manufacturing and purchasing of heavy vehicles.

Current electric trucks are limited by battery range, charging infrastructure, and high cost. State incentive programs to adopt green trucks are being impacted by the pandemic’s heavy economic cost. Diesel could lead the industry for over 20 years, however the world can adopt hybrids without sacrifice and start realizing environmental and financial benefits immediately. Hybrids are the logical first step toward an all-electric future.


The EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck is a technology platform that enhances the diesel engine with an EV System (fig.1) by seamlessly transferring power through an IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission) (fig.2). The IVT’s planetary gearing allows the engine to generate electric and charge batteries while driving, eliminating new infrastructure needs and charging downtime. The diesel engine cleanly auto-engages at its most efficient rate while the electric adds HP as needed. The automatic transition from Diesel to Electric extends range and reduces fuel stops, while adding redundant propulsion if the engine breaks down.

Electrified accessories remove parasitic loads on the engine, allowing zero-emission idling. The OEM cooling system is replaced with the AMS (Air Management System) (fig.3). The AMS controls underhood cooling airflow and restores 65+ HP by replacing the engine-driven fan assembly with electric fans and hood ducting. This results in fuel savings, lower underhood temperature and related maintenance. The AMS and EV System reduce total horsepower needed from the engine so it can be downsized to save more money, fuel, and weight. (Ex: from 425HP engine to 250HP)

Combining these technologies maximizes the investment in any truck and improves quality of life for the public from reduced pollution and noise. The driver experience is improved through simplified operation, performance feedback, and less downtime. AI telematics displays live fuel savings to assist the driver, automates electric charging, and paves the way for future autonomy.

Over 80% of trucking is small businesses that need affordable options. Everyone depends on trucks. Optimizing them immediately benefits the environment and small businesses everywhere. The EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck gives the largest part of the industry a solution to lower emissions and save money with an ROI in less than 2 years.

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