Solar Electric Car with Motor-Wheel

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Purpose of the idea: the creation of an advanced and economical solar-powered electric vehicle that does not pollute the environment, and also uses a motor wheel. The task of the idea: to create environmentally friendly and economical transport. The object of the idea: a solar-powered electric car using a motor-wheel. Hypothesis: to trace the possibility of creating such an electric vehicle design, as well as to reveal the future of this electric vehicle. Novelty: charging using two sources (electric energy and from a solar battery), controlled by autopilot, the use of motor wheels.

Features of the electric car: the electric car body does not have large bends, there is no door handle (opens using a special manual button), the electric car is double, is charged with electric energy, as well as solar energy and does not pollute the environment.

Characteristics: an electric vehicle’s battery will hold a charge of up to 250 km, and with a solar battery it will recover over time, electric motor power is 100 hp, acceleration from 0-100km / h. 13s., Charging time from electricity 12h., And from solar energy 21h., Price: 10000-13000 $.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof, doors and on the hood of the car. My electric car uses a synchronous electric motor, as well as an inverter and a cooling system. One of the main features of my electric car is the motor - wheel. Motor - wheel as proven has many advantages. Firstly, there will be no need to install the clutch, drive shafts and differential. All this reduces weight, and also reduces the price and maintenance of the electric car. The design is greatly simplified.

Secondly, the electric car becomes more maneuverable.

Thirdly, the motor-wheel effectively saves energy up to 30%. The motor wheel has a very large kinetic energy. The motor wheel uses regenerative braking, which allows you to return about 70-80% of the kinetic energy of braking in the battery.

Fourth, the dynamics of the electric car is increasing. The weight of the motor wheel will be 30 kg. The motor wheel consists of a synchronous electric motor, suspension, brake system, rotor and stator.

The car body will be made of carbon fiber (carbon fiber). Carbon is much lighter and more robust by 40%. Also, carbon looks great from a design perspective.


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