Side Ways Trucking and Anywarehousing

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With the rapid expansion that is taking place with e-commerce and world markets, the delivery element needs to be refined, because it involves every aspect of our lives. From consumer discretionary and staple items to materials and equipment, the existing trucking industry can be improved. This innovative design will not only improve on loading/unloading trucks, saving valuable time but will expedite long-distance hauling, all the way to the last mile delivery. This product will provide an improved system to help create the future.

Flexibility and accessibility of the vehicle can be accomplished on all current and future vehicle designs. The moving sidewall has multi-directional, sealed ball bearings at the top and bottom on a jam-proof track, that open and lock sections of a sidewall. The sidewall sections are robust, insulated if needed, and can be opened in any order or even opened the full length of the vehicle, with a retractable storage rack on the end for the wall sections. This design will accommodate any size item, and there will be access to every load in the vehicle, anywhere, and at any time. It will eliminate dangerous large swinging doors, vulnerable open-air curtain sides, a slow single loading rear door, and load reducing overhead rolling doors. The flexibility to access the secure load from the side of the vehicle opens up time-saving solutions and smashes the basic rules of trucking, logistics, and distribution.

The new system will decrease warehouses and be closer to customers. The innovation will use current adaptive technology and be economically installed onto current semi-truck trailers, box trucks, vans, shipping containers, and future vehicle units. An additional benefit of this design will allow distribution to urban areas without large depots and to remote areas without loading docks. This “sideways trucking” and “AnyWareHousing” advances the use of robotic arms, integrated material handling, reduces labor challenges, allows for “drive-thru” distribution centers, improves air quality, and eliminates backing up the vehicles. It also orchestrates inventory with A.I. technology allowing the controlled transfer of load from vehicle to vehicle.

The remote smooth transfer to small vehicles will extend the daily last-mile delivery capabilities by expanding the spokes of the regular delivery radius circle. Partial loads will are eliminated on long-distance hauling because of the ability to transfer loads at exchange points. Transportation will become more linear and streamlined with air, sea, and ground models to reduce handling and sorting. Large and small fulfillment centers can pre-load items without concerns about the placement of the load being prioritized by the sequence of the delivery locations. The loading of the vehicles are currently collated and prioritized by the “first items on, are the last items off” and is restrictive. This system provides flexibility and last minute alterations to a complex logistic model. The universal use of the complete side-loading vehicle will accelerate local deliveries and the global logistic networks, the same way oversea shipping containers and semi-trailers have made significant improvements in the way we all live.


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    Greg Berna
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    Growing up in the family moving and storage business and being an architect solving problems. Making things easier to transport is a goal of mine because it affects everyone. One idea can change the way the world work and improve lives. The current physical dock and semi-truck have not really changed in 60+ years and things can easily be better with this approach and technology.
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