Modification and Analysis of Groove Type Camshaft With Ball Type Lifter

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In internal combustion engines the cam play a very important role and also takes huge impact on itself. The failure of cam is major issue which happens due to the follower, this failure is also known as the lobe failure. Lobe is the surface of the cam on which the material removal is major issue and all the impact is made by the follower. This failure produces the great amount of wear and tear in the cam. To overcome the failure and to keep the cam safe from the huge impact the design plays the role. It keeps the cam profile protected from wear and tear produced by the follower. The follower and cam design provide the smooth operation with least impact resulting in the extremely low wear and tear. In this single groove cam and ball point type follower design the ball point of the follower has the advantage of rotating 360 degrees, so during any impact the follower rotates and provides no wear and tear to the cam profile. This new design has reduced the wear and tear up to 60% on cam profile and cam lobe. This design also increased the life of component and has provided the improvisation to the existing design for further future applications.

This design works on the principle or mechanism of a ball pen. As in a design of ball pen rolling of ball it happens same in a case of ball point type follower. Cam’s groove comes in contact with that ball point. Heat generation is less between cams and followed. The decrease in friction. And considering all these parameters, single groove cam and ball point follower is designed.

Due to this friction and heat generation, follower life decreases. A cutting effect on the surface of the cam is also the result of friction. Because of these reasons arrangement and a successive pair of cam and follower get affected. Successive Pair of cam and follower remains incomplete. In every mechanical component, there is no such system that lubrication would be provided at each place because of this there is a decrease in camshaft's life. In existing rocker arm and in lifter the roller is rotate only in 2 Direction X & Y. but in this system rocker arm and lifter rotate 360° means X, Y and Z Direction. This system manufacturing cost is cheapest. The Ball point type follower is rotate in 360° like ball pen type so it will reduce the friction cause of rotation of ball.

As we seen the cam failure major cause is lobe wearing. From that I conclude that on this design of single groove cam and ball point type lifter the contact between the cam and lifter friction and heat generation is less than the others and this is a new concept for mechanical and automobile industries. When both components are on moving and rotating motion the wear and tear are affects on cam lobe. There are different types of followers like a knife edge,


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