Personal Air Vehicle

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Our objective is to design a personal air vehicle that will reduce pollution and decrease the traffic jams, save time of people and will be a faster means of transport.

First, we will design a air vehicle that will of light weight, have high strength which will be able to carry humans.We will be design the vehicle in such a way that would reduce vibrations and will ensure smooth flight..We will be using tri-blade propeller which will produce more thrust compared with normal propeller.The arm assembly will be designed to have ability to mount any mechanism as per functionality.To make aircraft stable a flight controller with high precision Imu and Gps will be used. Motors of high thrust producing capability will be used.

This drone can be used in following applications with simple modifications depending on the specific application

  1. Air taxi - It has been one of the hot topics over the years. To develop
    an air vehicle for the transport of humans.
  2. Delivery - To perform autonomous delivery of goods and products directly to the
  3. Agriculture - Autonomous fertilizer and pesticide sprayer, seed sower for farm
  4. Defense - This drone has the ability to withstand the high impact of recoil, it can be
    used in the borders and unmanned operations to carry out with high precision.

These are some of the fields where this project can create an impact. With the development of the drone, most of the above-mentioned applications can be achieved with minor modifications and using additional equipment which is specific for the applications.

Mechanical Design

  1. Arm
    The arm will be designed to support the structure. Theaim of the design will be to reduce the weight of the frame and increase the strength which will increase the payload capacity of the drone
  2. Motor mounts
    Special care will be taken while designing the motor mount to reduce the vibrations and to ensure a smooth flight. Rather than having a separate mount for propeller guards which increase the weight and requires more space, this motor mount will have slots for mounting the propeller guard saving more space and reducing the weight.
  3. Motor with a triple-blade propeller
    A tri-blade propeller will produce more thrust compared with normal propellers of the same size. This allows us to design a compact drone and to improve the spacing for future functionality
  4. Arm assembly
    The arm assembly will be designed to have the ability to mount any mechanism as per the functionality. This allows us to use the same copter for multiple functions such as heavy payload delivery, agriculture sprayer, seed dropper, etc
  5. Frame and structure of drone
    The structure consists of four rod connected by arm assembly unit. Each end of the rod is attached with the motor mount. This design will be versatile for any functions.


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