S.D.F. Car Fertilizer Soil Improving Machine

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S.D.F. CAR is a fertilizer soil improving machine that can carbonize and decompose wheat and rice straw in real time.S.D.F. CAR can be connected to the rear of harvester to receive wheat and rice straw discharged after harvesting, carbonize wheat and rice straw into a soil improver through internal high-temperature electric furnace, and stir soil to improve the land. The exhausted gas generated in carbonization process will be filtered by a catalytic ceramic filter device, which improves air pollution problem caused by traditional incineration method.

S.D.F.CAR's fertilizer tank can mix organic fertilizers by different soil conditions automatically and provide to farmers, so as to maintain decomposition efficiency of wheat and rice straw while achieving the mineral balance in soil, and achieve purpose of sustainable crop recycling.


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    Min-hua Tsai
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    Min-Hua Tsai, Yi-Yun Li, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu, Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
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    An average of 8 million metric tons of plastic waste entered the ocean every year. Plastic waste poses a survival crisis to about 700 species in various ways. With the increasing number of plastic pollutants in the ocean, plastic waste is very delicious both visually and olfactory to fish. It is normal for fish to mistakenly consume plastics due to the inability to distinguish between plastics and food sources. The plastic particles enter the food chain and eventually become a dish on our table.
    S.F.P.D. utilizes terahertz (THz) electromagnetic wave technology to detect the residual plastic particles in the fish body. Before the fish sorting and classification, the plastic material detection will be first conducted. The fish containing the plastic particles are separated and cut through the fish processing slice to remove plastic particles.
    In addition, S.F.P.D.’s modular machine design can independently apply terahertz (THz) electromagnetic wave detector on the traditional fish wholesale market to prevent people from eating plastics.
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