PCV : Personal Commercial Vehicle

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What will be the future of personal cars? And how personal will it be? A car that provided sense of pride and emotional satisfaction has now become a mere medium to commute.

There is a constant fight between rational and emotional choices when it comes to buying a vehicle. There is a need to balance that out.


It is the year 2035; sharing has become not just a need to an affordable living but 
has become the way of life.


Spaces are no longer fixed, it is flexible, dynamic and more adaptable than ever before. Community has become the catalyst towards a more self resilient living and working spaces. Physical-Digital experiences are everywhere.

Emerging trends:

GLOCAL: low carbon footprint
Omni Channel: Phygital experience
Gig economy: contract/ freelance jobs and multiple jobs.

Opportunity Spaces:
Personal as well as Commercial.

  1. Balances the rational & emotional aspects.
  2. Fully functional & totally human centric.
  3. Able to change roles & adapt to human needs.

Ford F150:

F 150 is the Personal Commercial Vehicle of today, which is widely used by the middle class American family. How will a personal family car for American market adapt to the changing lifestyle? How will F 150 evolve as a personal owned commercial level 5 autonomous vehicle ?

PCV Concept:

PCV focuses on redesigning and redefining the interior vehicle space of a mid size truck such as F 150. It is an extension of living space, work space and business space with flexible space modules based on the businesses, example food truck kitchen module, fitness module, retail module and many more.


PCV accommodates future lifestyle of a modern American Family in Autonomous Vehicle Context, making them self resilient and independent. This will be high value factor for ownership decision. The vehicle will adapt and support the evolved lifestyle of the person and make the future AV technology socially acceptable and immersive.


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