Fuel Agnostic Zero Emission Engine Technology [FAZE]

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The Major Propulsion Problems:

  • internal-combustion-engine [ICE] and turbojet-engines pollute
  • ICE are fuel-inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, resulting in high amounts of pollutants and CO2 emissions
  • turbo-engines are noisy, fuel-hungry, expensive with limited applications
  • most municipal/crop/forest waste is buried/dumped in oceans which is polluting. 8million tons of plastic winds up in oceans annually.

The Solution:

The game-changing 𝔽.𝔸.ℤ.𝔼. tech best solves the issues present in previous ICE designs by transforming the old paradigm into a: simple, low cost, quiet, power dense, efficient, on-the-go liquid and gas fuel-flexible, ‘non-polluting’ solution for power generation of all scales and transportation of all types including robots.

For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines, hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions.

Using a novel air cycle and few simple modifications of existing engine architectures, the 𝔽.𝔸.ℤ.𝔼. technology completely burns and expands ANY gaseous and liquid fuel, including gasified coal & municipal/crop waste and can switch on-the-fly between them, producing significantly higher, uniform/constant ultra high efficiency and torque at ALL time/speeds/lads/ambient-temperatures/operating-regimes with ultra low heat/noise/vibration and zero smoke/odor output w/o costly/complex/bulky Variable Compression Ratio, Variable Displacement , Variable Valve Timing or turbo/superchargers which everyone is now employing, or costly after-treatments such as catalytic-converters.

The built in non-electric hybrid capacity has no weigh/cost/hazard, charging time and range penalty of electrics. 150% the fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles in real world driving cycles and better than electrics in a life-cycle analysis. Nothing out but lower CO2, but w minimally processed bio-fuels or hydrogen this is a zero-sum event. This is HUGE! Retrofits of existing engines are possible!!!

Pollution, Waste & Climate Change problems solved...over night w/o major engine manufacturing & infrastructure changes!!!

  • Highest fuel efficiency
  • Maximal fuel flexibility [always agnostic]
  • Highest specific torque output
  • Highest power density; >> than 2-stoke
  • Constant max torque & efficiency at all time/load, temperature and elevation
  • >>400% more torque/power in 𝕚ℙ𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣𝔹𝕠𝕠𝕤𝕥 ©
  • Max power & efficiency available at any time/load/temperature/elevation
  • Simple, low cost, native, non-electric, energy recovery/𝕊𝕦𝕡𝕖𝕣ℍ𝕪𝕓𝕣𝕚𝕕 feature
  • No range anxiety, unlike EVs
  • Fuel up anywhere/time w/o a downside
  • Potential for negative carbon footprint
  • Quiet, low heat, smokeless exhaust
  • Low parts architecture; less than 2stroke
  • Potentially transmission/gear-box free
  • Lowest CO2/NOx even than EV/hybrids
  • Most robust & durable with long life
  • Economical to purchase, own & operate
  • Compact, low weight vehicle architecture
  • Low cost upgrade of existing engines
  • In-wheel, all-wheel propulsion & steering
  • Simpler, lower cost manufacture
  • Industry infrastructure ready
  • Offers highest customer satisfaction
  • Not restricted by mfg material availability
  • Legacy fueling & service structure ready
  • Simplified fuel, spare parts & supply chains logistics especially for the military

Gasification of carbon based waste can eliminate much of the pollution, producing usable, renewable fuel with negative carbon footprint in this architecture W/O DOWNRATING [losing efficiency/power] the engine.

Tested and verified by by three major OEMs and more.



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