Super Thin Bread with Dough Proofing Technology Down

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It has always been so. Massive portions of bread are baked - loaves, and then they are cut into pieces to eat them.

Our solution is not to bake loaves but bake thin bread instead that has the same crust on both sides and its a thickness is equal to or thinner than the thickness of any existing bread slices. Unusual sizes of superthin bread - we called it Lechem, and quick baking, opened up new features and many new properties. Lechem bread has a unique rich taste, increased nutritional and medicinal value. It is simple and quick to cook.

The ability to bake unusual sizes of this superthin bread and the short amount of time required to bake it may allow us to reinvent the way we use and consume bread. Lechem bread has a unique rich taste, as well as enchanced nutritional and medicinal value. It can be baked quickly and easily.

Lechem bread bakes several times faster than a regular loaf of the same weight. This translates into sizeable savings as less electricity, fuel, and labor will be required. Cooling, freezing, defrosting and baking Lechem bread to perfection will also become faster and more efficient.

Lechem technology can reduce emissions of ethanol, acetaldehyde, and CO2 into the environment. In addition, the design of Lechem automatic baking lines, compared to existing automatic bread baking lines, is simpler and more compact, since the design of the conveyors, cooling devices, modules for slicing and packing bread is also simplified. As a result, bread may become cheaper.

The average American consumes 53 pounds of bread per year. Approximately 0.7 kw of energy is used to bake one pound of Tin bread or Hearth bread. 600 million kW of energy can be saved every year if in the future just 5% of bread in America is baked using our technology.

Lechem bread can be quickly baked at home and in mini-bakeries, not just on automatic lines. You can make Lechem bread from scratch, and even faster from ready-to-bake or frozen dough and the process will take only several minutes. This way, you can always have fresh bread at home!

Of course, for this you need to organize the production and sale of dough for Lechem bread, and semi-finished Lechem bread. Lechem bread dough can be made at home on your own. Lechem bread can be baked in: specialized toasters we developed, forms in existing ovens, homes and in mini bakeries, automated production lines for industrial bakeries (a prototype production line is in the works).

No matter how much we would like to minimize the amount of bread products in our sandwiches, it is not feasible, so because bread is not just part of the sandwich, it is also the “packaging” for the sandwich’s filling. Currently the minimum thickness of soft slices of bread in sandwiches is limited by the need to keep the filling from falling out.


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