COVID19 EMS (Employee Management System)

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Government mandates regarding COVID-19 abatement strategies are forcing companies to scramble to find ways to avoid fines and even worse local outbreaks. In this new age, documentation and data is going to separate companies who survive and those who struggle.

Ergonomics International’s mobile compatible software provides employers with the tools necessary to identify at risk employees, track those who are immune to COVID-19 or those who may be potential carriers. Employees can log their temperature at home on the mobile compatible software before potentially exposing coworkers to the illness. The employees baseline temperature, whether taken at home or the workplace, is logged into the database for trending. This allows companies to identify upward trending temperatures as a leading indicator rather than waiting for a temperature to reach 104 degrees which is too late. If an upward trend is detected, the company contact is notified.

Employees and supervisors have to ability to log social distancing, guarding or PPE concerns at the workstation. As soon as a concern has been logged, responsible parties are emailed to assess and resolve the issue.

QR codes are used to track doors, lunch rooms, clock in stations and other high touch points to make sure surfaces are being cleaned. This provides documentation that safe work practices have been followed in the event of a local outbreak. Cleaning schedules can be entered and notifications set if areas have not been cleaned in a certain time. Sanitation stations can have QR Codes that send notifications if they are out of sanitizer.

Once vaccination becomes available, the software can be used to identify who is immune and which areas in the facility are most vulnerable with fewer employees vaccinated. Tracking who is immune to COVID-19 can be critical to keeping doors open in an event of another outbreak.

The COVID-19 Employee Management Systems includes employee awareness training as outlined in the OSHA Guidelines.

Don’t let your company or facility become a national headline. Implement data driven software now that can be used to make evidence-based decision in the future.


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