Smart Traffic Light

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Why "smart traffic light"? This is because the operation of existing traffic lights requires electricity, a separate control panel and a lot of technical equipment. You also need a permit to install regular traffic lights.

Due to these problems, traffic lights are rarely installed (especially in remote areas) in areas with high passenger traffic (schools, colleges, preschools).
The simplicity of our project, the fact that it does not require electricity and complex chips, can be a practical solution to existing problems. The device is simple, compact and lightweight, so it can be moved from one place to another.

With the help of LED lights the movement of cars and passengers can be controlled. Wind energy is used to power the lights. The flashing time of the LEDs is controlled by a built-in autodetector. The advantage of using such detectors is that during a certain part of the day the number of cars and the traffic increases. To do this, the traffic light must blink and on more. Existing traffic lights have the same flashing time during the day. In this case, the traffic jams at traffic lights increase, a certain amount of time is lost.

That's why our project is so useful, that the more the car passes through the line of the detector, the more the traffic light blinks. It does not create congestion and facilitates the work of supervisors.


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