Automatical Piano Player

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This invention is designed to automatically play the traditional piano and play the music itself. This is done by electronic relays that move the piano, the keyboard, using electrical impulses. When the electronic relay is energized and the same key is pressed, this key illuminates. This allows anyone who doesn’t know how to play any music to listen to it live or learn it independently. To make this invention, you need a set of electronic relays with enough power, a chip that transmits electronic pulses, software that plays music, and of course a piano. If an additional speaker is installed on the piano, this will allow you to play other music along with the piano. The software of the invention is a machine application, which automatically plays at a certain time, teaches the user independently by showing which keys are pressed by lighting certain keys, and has the ability to record new music played. Its appearance is no different from an ordinary piano. As opportunities increase, a broad segment of society (mostly the rich) will be destined to buy. It does not require much effort to produce a large copy. The reason is that its details are made to order and made in the assembly shop. It should also be noted that among musical instruments, only the piano can be easily taught to play itself.


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    Azim Boronov
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