AI Technology as the Leader in Latin America

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Once at Government, the L.A. politicians seem to treat their national economies as if they were a large version of their own households. For decades L.A. economies have run on peaks and troughs or at pilgrim´s pace.

Some economists blame the Government apparatus intervention through unilateral ideologised policies and others to the government lack of understanding on how wealth is created for their erratic economic performance. It is a fact the uneven economic evolution between the North American economies, whose governments apparatus have learned to deal with the complexity of wealth generation efficiently and productively, and the L.A. economies.

To close this huge gap between American nations economies a powerful tool or machine with the capabilities to operate an autonomous model for wealth generation and distribution is required. An engineering technology process governed by Advanced Artificial Intelligence may be the answer.

Basis Idea for development:

The ability of a nation to generate wealth efficiently is influenced largely by the timely and coupled interrelationship between government apparatus economic policies, internal economic actors, and the external competition and environment. The simplistic way in which LA governments have dealt with this task through the application of uncoherent economic policies at all levels: macro, micro, sector, enterprise, has proven not to be equal to the task.

The process of articulating all these diverse factors into coherent policies and proposals is too complex to be left to the current politicians at government who are more concerned with their short term political future. The idea is that advanced AI takes over this job from Latin American governments´ apparatus.


As long as the wealth generation model reduces the intervention of the government apparatus to participation in the inputting to the model, the policies, plan, schedules and proposals will be coherent, timely and articulated in such a way that all internal and external factors will be able to support and implement their actions.

The model will convert the input (actors´ information and data), into plans, schedules and specific proposals at all levels. Each internal actor will be capable of knowing and executing their exact right action and relative position in a given time of the implementation process well in advance.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence will provide the theory, mathematical modelling, and run the model in a coordinated manner avoiding conflicting or contradictory actions between factors or actors anytime.

Impact on Society

An autonomous, timely, measurable and controllable nation wealth generation and distribution model will result in a smoothly run economy and a better standard of living to the whole population, which in the case of Latinamerica is said to be around 650 million inhabitants.

The participation of the nation economic actors in the development of the economic policies will be enhanced by inputting to the model while limiting the government apparatus engagement in complex operating and commercial matters.

The reduction of the economic actors´ uncertainty about the actions and plans of incoming governments will result in better conditions for their investment and operations to contribute to the availability of goods.


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