Visual Aid using Image Recognition and Projection

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The idea is a visual aid system for manufacturing line workers tasked with installing multiple parts onto a large assembly.

A picture of the assembly, without parts, is stored in a database, along with a mask showing the location of each part (e.g. a screw or cable) to be installed.

A laser pico projector and a camera points at the assembly. Image recognition software takes a picture of the assembly in front of the worker and finds the assembly in the database and the associated mask for the assembly.

The software then projects an image of the mask onto the assembly, showing the spots where parts are to be installed as well as order of installation, if needed. The worker then installs parts onto the assembly until the image of the assembly shows all the required parts are installed. Audio and visual feedback are then used to tell the worker that the job is complete.

Benefits of the system to the manufacturer:
- faster worker training
- higher quality, no missing parts
- ease of change, new assembly picture and mask updating

Benefits to the worker:
- no need to remember which parts go where and in what order
- missing parts can be logged and installed later when they become available

An advanced version of the camera/projector could be mounted on a harness that the worker carries, allowing assembly of large or awkward parts, e.g. a car door or part of an airframe.


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    Tony Ozrelic
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    Tony Ozrelic, Chris Hoffmann
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