Reconfigurable Elastic-Deformable Panel

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The result of this work is the technical implementation of the idea of a reconfigurable elastic-deformable panel that has a continuous smooth shape of the cover surfaces when the panel is deflected by a certain angle and at the same time able to perceive a given normal load.

The reconfigurable elastic-deformable panel (Fig. 1) is a sequential combination of movable joints with a variable rotary axis (1 illustration). This panel is equipped with sliding plate cover elements that ensure the continuity of its surfaces, acting as a covering.

The panel can be used in the field of engineering where a flexible and smooth connection of structural elements with a continuous surface is necessary. This invention is particularly relevant in the field of aviation [1]when designing adaptive parts of the bearing surfaces of aircraft.

The scope of application can also be extended to mechanical engineering, robotics, architecture and construction (in particular, the creation of flexible radius formwork)

The reconfigurable elastic-deformable panel can change its spatial shape in accordance with the scheme shown in illustration 1.1
Appearance of the panel (printed on a 3d printer) with sliding plate cover surfaces equipped with guide elements. (shown in illustration 1.2)

To manage panel States, it can be equipped with a profile conversion mechanism. As one of the options, you can use a form memory drive with the ability to change the panel geometry under the action of a control command.



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    Olimjon Mahmadiev
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    Alexey Vasilievich Ivchenko project manager
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    car improvement,computer science, 3d modeling
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    It is inspired by nature, nature's patents, and the desire to move away from static forms in everyday life and move to adaptive reconfigurable surfaces.

    That through the mass introduction of dynamic forms, the aesthetic, functional, and social progress of all mankind is possible.
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