Collaborite: Ai-based Research Intelligence for Strategic Partnerships Between Manufacturing Industries and Universities

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Collaborite is a SaaS platform with implementation of innovative big data analytics of university research activities focused on targeted and prioritized filtration of best university partnerships for corporate companies. We function as a university-independent platform by collecting research data from free API's of domains like ResearchGate, Publons or Pubmeds (and many others) and apply intuitive machine learning and AI algorithms for targeted and prioritized information about specific research topics. Our platform will focus on four significant features of Big Data analytics as: descriptive, diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive analysis for a holistic solution for research scouting and investment problem. In addition to implementation of state-of-the-art analytics, our front-end will focus on interactive visualization of analytics results which helps in quick and intelligent decision-making process. It is aimed to cut down manifold of costs and time associated with research scouting and cold emails. Industry innovation team members or CIOs will be able to hand pick the most relevant laboratories or universities from large volumes of data in a matter of few minutes which is data-driven and insightful for maximized ROI's.

Collaborite's proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithms focus on industry-centric analytics and visualization methods with streamlined insights to ignite innovation in industries through sponsored research or startup acquisitions or university collaborations. Collaborite is the first of its kind to act as pain-killer in eliminating inefficient collaboration methods like ad-hoc conferences & alumni network (geographical restriction) and also act as gain-creator to save millions of resource scouting dollars. We do not have any direct competition and will be the first to market in USA which gives us an unfair advantage in acquiring a large customer base. But, similar UK companies (In-part, Konfer) focus only on information match-making which is as inefficient and time-consuming as much as googling every opportunity. Collaborite will primarily serve manufacturing industry's needs to make quick and informed decision about all R&D related concerns with the power to uncover the hidden patterns and correlations providing ultimate competitive intelligence. Industries are in dire need of objective and data-driven approaches to maximize ROIs and for the first time, Collaborite will supply speedy and efficient analytical procedures to work faster and achieve agility.

In 2019, US industries invested a total of $60 billion in university research collaborations (source: National Science Foundation). Our target customers constitutes a total of 295,643 small, medium and large-scaled companies. Even a mere 1% market penetration provides a TAM of $600 Million (3000 target industries for 1% market penetration). Collaborite will be offered in three-tiered pricing structure targeted towards small, medium and large scaled industries with a cost of $1999, $2999 and $4999 per month for lite, pro and enterprise packages with diversified intensity of research intelligence requirements. Development and management costs of Collaborite platform with Development and management costs of Collaborite platform with 3 full-time personnel is projected to be $2 Million for the first year. Assuming 1% market penetration in one-year, total revenue is projected to be approximately $7 Million which makes a net profit of $5 Million.


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    Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana
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    Kunal Kewalramani
    University of Cincinnati
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    As a PhD research student working on industry-funded projects, I am inspired by the importance of industry exposure & partnership to realize commercialization of cutting-edge technology. Product-market fit validation was performed by interviewing 30 customers (versatile industries) based on Lean Business model canvas (as a part of StartupUC incubator and UC Venture lab) and the results clearly suggested that Collaborite will not only act as a pain killer but will be a significant gain creator in fueling innovative solutions for creating the right research partnerships and carve the future quarterly budget allocation for research and development.
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    Adobe XD, Tableau
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