SALL-Y 500 Autonomous Robot System

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A robot doesn’t get scared or tired. But people do, and it costs $80 billion per year in the construction industry. We make droids to perform difficult jobs, so people don’t have to. Unlike using an employment agency, Sally500 droids do not require benefits, insurance, or time off the clock. Instead, our clients will rent our droids per job, or commit to an easy subscription plan.

There is a skilled labor shortage that is costing the construction industry $80 billion per year in the US. Specifically, project managers cannot be everywhere onsite to determine if the jobs being done match the engineering drawings throughout the entire construction process.

We make robots that perform tasks more efficiently. A project manager job can take weeks to fill through a labor agency, but a Sally can be deployed within hours. The SALL-Y can survey the entire job site, take inventory, and account for items that do not match CAD designs before they become liabilities.

How it works
An autonomous drone package containing 5 drones, a fast charging base station, and mobile uplink is delivered to the job location. Each drone captures a live 3-D 360 Lidar image while it caries out a survey of the construction site, while also running a program that safely responds to voice commands and obstacles. The data collected by the SALLYs is transmitted through the base station to a cloud server that compares the current jobs to the CAD drawings. By focusing on a modular design using readily available parts, we can maintain a diverse job portfolio with a high number of affordable droids. Each Sally CPU is coded with an evolving OS for security and resilience.

The secret sauce
Dubbed SALLY (Self Aware Learning Logarithm-Y), the program checks the droids for errors across 500 checkpoints and returns a score. When the droid is low on power, or returns a poor SALLY score, it returns to the base station for charging and a remote reset.

There are hundreds of drone companies, making materials cheap and easy to find. Our potential competitors, DG World robotics in Dubai, Autonomous Stuff, and Boston Dynamics; have secured $ billions in contracts. Their robots are as diverse in design as their locations, and are quite costly.


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