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ADMAR is a new innovative delineator maintenance robot that is autonomous and could be monitored and controlled remotely at a central hub with SCADA by only one person. ADMAR is designed to perform one tasks only or two tasks in series at once that is cleaning and painting of the existing delineator without human intervention on site. Those tasks are programmed into the ADMAR system through a PLC (Programmable Logic Control). Hence it is a cost effective way and more safe solution for delineator maintenance in the toll lane.

For maintenance of a large number of delineators, a number of ADMAR Robot can be deployed at several toll lane section to speed up maintenance time of the whole delineators. It can be designed to perform the tasks 20 hours per week continuously according to the requirement.

Unlike the existing method, ADMAR is more eco-friendly as it require small quantity of water and detergent for delineator cleansing. 95% of waste water (grey water) is recycled and conserved thanks to the special designed cleansing tube that is significantly reduce water leakage and loss during cleansing process.


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    Tonie Mbuik
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    Delineator maintenance activities in toll lane with the existing manual method is less efficient due to more time consuming, cost inefficiency, vulnerable to road accident, and less ecofriendly.
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    Omron PLC with C-X programmer
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