Multi-patient Ventilators Use Many Variable Electro-pneumatic Valves and Uv Sterilization

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The cost of hospital ventilators has become cost prohibitive during our present Corona virus epIdemiic as hospitals, states, and countries compete to buy them from the limited supply available in todays’s market place. A safe emergency replacement for ventilators is here suggested. A compressor and accumulator feeds pressurized filtered oxygen or air to a multi electro-pneumatic valve array. A computer controller controls the variable sized opening of each valve controlling each valve’s own variable volume, pressure, and flow rate of oxygen. Oxygen is driven through an ultraviolet sterilizer then distributing the oxygen to many patient masks. An electro-pneumatic valve, as distinguished from, but very similar to, an electro-fluidic valve, can not only turn on the flow of a gas, but it can also precisely control the variable flow rate, volume, and pressure of a gas such as oxygen or air. Patient monitors can be integrated with the controller.

By filtering the inflow and outflow of oxygen or air into and out of a compressor, the oxygen flow rate can be completely controlled through the variable electro-pneumatic valves. individually fo each patient. Oxygen being sent individually to each patieni passes through quartz tubes where an ultraviolet LED array sterilizes the oxygen that is then delivered to the patients. The ultraviolet LED array sterilizer prevents cross contamination of the many breathing tubes. This system is easy to manufacture in all countries inexpensively, but it is suggested to be used only for emergency use when ordinary ventilators can not be acquired and doubly checked for safety by engineering experts before implementation.


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