HuPoTest - Mental Test Ensuring Perfect Health

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HuPoTest is a mental test and training procedure as well. It was discovered incidentally in 1967 and developed continuously by testing face to face more than 1000 Persons Under Test (PUT). Basically, it is the calibration of the PUT mental timer by using a standard digital stopwatch. Personal timer, mentality and body health are strongly interconnected defining each other. Simply said, a good mentality is based on a good mental timer (i.e. stable and well-tuned) and both of them define the vital potential driving good health. This is the new vision of the ancient quotation: “a sound mind in a sound body”.

PUT has to count successively xj = 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds several times each (i =1 to 8). By retrieving the measured values yij in correlation with standard/imposed values xj a series of parameters directly correlated with PUT mental state result. HuPoTest has four major steps: (i) preparation of PUT in proper conditions; (ii) performing measurements by using an accurate standard digital stopwatch, (iii) computation of parameters defining mental state of PUT and (iv) their interpretation.

Attached graph belongs to the Excel template (recommended platform Windows® 2003) available as free on my website. It contains part of calculated parameters, but enough for good results. The exact operating instructions and significance of all parameters are described in GDF Databanks Bulletin, vol.23, no.1 (2019) and posted on There are some parameters calculated by professional mathematic software, so they are not accessible yet. I am waiting for cooperation with software developers in view to perform complete and unitary software. In the present, HuPoTest with all my support is devoted ONLY for individual use with no cost and on a confidentiality agreement.

PUT can test and evaluate himself by using a computer and a digital stopwatch from the internet (for instance" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">">

For better results in mastering the mind and ensuring stable and good health, PUT must practice HuPoTest in a regular manner in conjunction with proper diet. HuPoTest has the main advantage against other mental procedures (for instance yoga meditation) by evidencing quantitatively and qualitatively the mental state of PUT allowing effectively its improvement mainly by removing destructive emotions.

Detailed examples are posted on my website, published in the above-mentioned bulletin (ISSN 1453-1674) and in the recent book “Composite structure of the human mind” (attached illustration of the book cover).

I am available for more details and help without obligations.

Gheorghe DRAGAN, Ph.D. physicist,


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