Implant Screwdriver Harness

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The screwdriver harness is a potentially life saving device. It allows the dental clinician to work intraorally with a hand held implant screw driver without the concern of unintentionally losing contact with the screw driver and risking the possibility of aspiration or swallowing by the patient. This device is easy to use and negates the need for the fingers of both hands to simultaneously stabilize and turn the driver, which is very often compromised by the intra oral opening. The devise is disposable and comes in three sizes to accommodate the size of the drivers by the leading implant manufacturing companies. It is applicable for use by all dental clinicians who place and/or restore dental implants worldwide.



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    Marc Appelbaum
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    Teaching at a dental school and having two graduate students who had to send their patients to the hospital, as well as speaking to clinicians who have had the unfortunate experience of unintentionally dropping an implant screw driver, there is a profound need to introduce this device to the dental profession to prevent patient trauma and potentially a life threatening condition.
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