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Difficulty in locating the veins leads to unnecessary needle penetrations causing blood clots, irritation, swelling, blackening of skin, etc. Vein detection is found to be useful in other potential applications like blood transfusion, blood donation, blood withdrawal and biometric security.

Currently we have some products used for tracing veins in pediatrics. But due to its large size and non kids-friendly design, it becomes a challenge for use. Also its huge cost makes it less popular in most of the government and funded institutes.

The operating principle of such devices is Projection method which requires frequent calibration and results in wrong detection if not calibrated properly.

Mobile themed handy vein tracer is designed specifically for children so that they don’t get traumatized by seeing one more testing equipment in the hospital. This device is applicable for a newborn to child aged 12. Device body is made up of medical grade plastic which can be cleaned with Germicidal wipes or isopropyl alcohol before using it on every patient. Power ON button on the device will turn on the circuit in it. Device uses 3 LED’s giving NIR (Near Infrared) light tuned at particular frequency which is not harmful to the human skin. Device is based on transmission method. Patient has to put their hand on the device. Capacitive touch sensor is placed above LED’s, below acrylic glass of the device. LED’s will turn on when skin touches acrylic glass. Due to skin touch, LED’s will illuminate and veins will be visible from the top. This device can work with the use of 2 rechargeable 2A batteries or normal 2A batteries which are easily available. It is cost effective, reduces pain of calibrating every time before using, kid’s friendly and ergonomic. Our initial trials and user feedback are quite promising and solves problem of mass with simple technique. Our per product manufacturing cost is Rs. 3,000 (39.34 USD) which is much cheaper than currently existing products.

You can also read our product information on the following website:
Pediatric vein tracer.html


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    My inspiration for design comes from very basic and tiny things which play important part in our life and yet not considered important. I believe that such small things can inspire a lot. Nature is my another inspiration. It inspires me to not harm nature much and still come out with an innovative solution to challenging problems affecting mass.
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