Emergency Investigation of Enhanced Experimental Nasal Muscosa Biocontrol Therapy and Immunogenicity Treatment for COVID-19

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We have identified several chemical compounds through review of the most recent literature which shows that selected metal-based chemicals, or biometals, are effective and an antagonistic therapeutic approach against the Covid-19 virus. These include Cu(I); Neocuproine Copper(II) and Bathocuproine Disulfonic Acid Copper(I). All of these compounds are commercially available, are considered to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) components and will be investigated as to the value of their possible use in creating a functional antagonist countermeasure to fight COVID-19 virus in the form of a ‘nasal spray’. Our planned outcome is not to develop a ‘vaccine’, as such, but to create a functional antagonist-countermeasure that does not breach the blood-brain barrier (see: Routes for Drug Translocation Across the Blood-Brain Barrier: Exploiting Peptides as Delivery Vectors. Kristensen M, Brodin B.). Dr. Josef Penninger, and his research group at UBC, have published reporting successes in identifying a class of ACE-2 inhibitors that have shown to be effective in killing the Covid-19 virus (in lab studies) using surrogates/tissues.

These substances, ACE-2 inhibitors, are commercially available and will be microencapsulated for placement in diluent carrier solution for clinical lab-trial testing under a Phase II effort. Likewise, we plan to study Hydroxychloroquine, Azrythromycin, and CBD (Cannabidiol USP) under a Phase II effort. Our plan is to make the new drug compositions in Phase I, have those lab-tested, and if outcomes are successful, move quickly into Phase II, formal clinical trials. CBD is approved for use by the US EPA as a natural, plant-based biocide (See: Technical Memorandum No. MERL-2011-46) and we plan to examine its potential value as an antagonist to Covid-19 surrogates. ACE-2 Inhibitors will also be microencapsulated so that their functionality as countermeasure or combined functioning antagonists against viruses can be evaluated using harmless virus surrogates, like chicken viruses that mimic COVID-19, but are harmless.

A full technical proposal has been submitted to the US FDA under 21CFR AUE Guidelines. Approval to commence studies is pending with US FDA. Video courtesy of Josh at Nucleus Medical Imaging. Photos Courtesy NIH/FDA/RMANNCO. Thanks to all for your support/encouragement.


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