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PHAGE stands for the Personalized Health Academy of Guided Education. By providing a mapped patient journey (awareness, education, access, options, treatments, caregiving, followup, and outcomes) any user can step in to get guided support and become autodidacts to achieve health obtainable health outcomes.

One use case that seems to be a hurdle for most patients is therapeutic management. If a healthcare provided prescribes a therapeutic and your pharmacist fills the prescription with a generic equivalent then it is generally the onous of the patient to escalate concerns if the generic/equivalent isn't working. Most of the times generics work out fine but when they don't a delay to therapeutic management can severely limit favorable health outcomes. This is just one road block and potential pitfall PHAGE is set up to support.


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    Karlo Martin (he/him/his) is a patient advocate and pioneer in bringing access to personalized medicines to global markets. As the senior real world evidence partner at PHAGE Corporation he works directly with pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic manufacturers in supporting product development. Starting his career in the clinic, Karlo was a cytogeneticist diagnosing constitutional chromosomal abnormalities and neoplastic diseases. Getting a front row seat of pairing someone’s genetic profile and seeing how they responded to treatment drove Karlo into industry to learn more about personalized medicine and healthcare design. His goal is to not only bring innovative treatments to the market but also focus on providing routes of access to desired health outcomes that are patient centric. Ultimately his goal is to champion marginalized patient populations and reduce the access barriers to care.
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