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EriVan Bio LLC is a private biotechnology company located in Alachua, Florida that specializes in the development of exosome-based cosmeceutical products. EriVan Bio is focused on the development and clinical testing of novel, exosome-based cosmeceutical formulations:

• Hair Loss (Exosome-based Minoxidil formulation)
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Skin Brightening
• The pipeline of other novel cosmetic products

EriVan Bio’s mission is to advance exosome-based science and cosmeceuticals. EriVan Bio has developed a scalable, robust and cost-effective manufacturing process of exosomes that can be used to deliver on our cosmeceutical platform. Our goal is to launch novel cosmeceuticals that will bring better efficacy to the marketplace.

Exosomes are nanoscale spherical vesicles that are released from cells; they are essential for cell-to-cell communication and can be used to deliver manufactured compounds to targeted tissues. EriVan Bio manufactures scalable exosomes for cosmeceutical applications. Exosomes and secretome from stem cells and milk are used in our products, which are formulated to introduce targeting and improve efficacy. EriVan Bio is developing the following candidates:

Novel exosome-based Minoxidil formulation for hair loss. This product entails an inclusion complex of Minoxidil and Cyclodextrin loaded into bovine milk exosomes as the drug delivery system along with stem cell exosomes and secretome. Treatment of alopecia with Minoxidil faces limitations because of topical problems such as local itching and irritation of the scalp. Our novel formulation removes alcohol and propylene glycol as partial topical irritators and employs exosomes as the targeted drug delivery system.

Novel exosome-based skin brightening. This product replaces hydroquinone as the skin brightening agent, which is growingly under suspicion for topical irritation and potential carcinogenicity. Bovine milk exosomes are used in our product to deliver the enzyme peroxidase to the skin, which results in the breakdown of melanin pigments and the brightening of the skin.

Novel exosome-based skin rejuvenation. Stem cell exosomes and secretome can produce the same therapeutic and rejuvenating effects on the skin as live stem cells. Stem cell exosomes are advantageous as they are not live or immunogenic while they introduce the same growth factors and nutrients to the skin as live stem cells.

In addition to the cosmeceutical products described above, EriVan Bio has developed a pipeline of 10 exosome-based products. Moreover, the company is open to exploring additional business opportunities via co-development, sublicensing of patents, and fee-for-service.


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    Nasser Nassiri Koopaei
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    Steven Pomeroy
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Health problems have always been a big issue. My grandmother died of heart failure. I have been looking for a treatment for that. I have also been losing my hair and tried to solve that. Exosomes from stem cells have regenerative potential to help heart issues and hair loss among other degenerative problems. Therefore, I set out to develop exosome-based therapies and started EriVan Bio to address these unmet medical needs.
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