Portable Assisted Breathing System Schilling-Pack J-1

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Portable Assisted Breathing System Schilling-Pack J-1

It is designed for people or patients with respiratory insufficiencies, which must be continuously assisted It should be noted that anyone who requires it can use it anywhere they want, but in this case we focus on communities or societies more vulnerable on the planet where the electricity flow services do not reach and that this rescue team can be supplied by those people who require it at a certain moment of medical assistance, such as: rural areas, indigenous communities and people with limited economic resources.



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    Jonar Cubillan
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    Ing. de Petróleo. Jonar Cubillan.
    Activista y Científico Venezolano.
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    Téc. En Mecánica Automotriz: José Cubillan.
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    Read, Dance, Eat, Travel, Play Sports
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    To have a better world, where human beings have the opportunity to enjoy a balanced nature and where future generations can enjoy a friendlier environment.
    Tener un mundo mejor, donde los seres humanos tengan la oportunidad de disfrutar una naturaleza equilibrada y donde las generaciones futuras puedan disfrutar de un ambiente más amigable.
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