UVC Anti-Viral Face Mask and/or Respirator

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Utilizing LED light strips powered from a stand alone battery pack or directly from a smart phone. UVC wavelengths in the range of 200nm to 222nm have been shown to be effective at kiling viruses and bacteria while remaining safe for human skin. The device consists of three strips of LED in the specified wavelengths that have a reusable, stick backing that can be attached to a disposable cloth face mask of many varieties, from a basic surgical mask to N95 style masks. It can also be manufactured inside disposable filter packs designed to be attached to respirator style masks. Either method greatly increase the Anti-Viral properties. The Devices is approximately 6" long and the 3 strips are separated by approximately 2" and should be place one above the nose, one just below the nostrils and one below the mouth on the mask. (see Illustrations) The device has a 30" power cord that can be plugged into a smart phone to power the low draw LED lights or it may be plugged into a separate battery pack. The disposable filter attachments for respirator style masks may utilize wavelengths above 222nm to 255nm, which are proven effective at killing viruses and bacteria, but are more hazardous to human skin, but would be contained within the filter, eliminating exposure risks.


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    Todd Hall
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    I work with light as a profession, in wavelengths in the Near Infrared range for the management of chronic pain, msk injuries and other conditions that are highly reactive and receptive to infrared light stimulation, known as the science of photobiomodulation. My interest in and work with light lead me to the idea for this type of anti-viral device to improve upon the capabilities of ordinary masks for everyday citizens to better protect themselves during this pandemic. A recently published article on the safety and efficacy of certain wavelengths of UVC light, and then the Covid-19 pandemic, provided the push I needed to move forward with this idea that I have had for several years. The research article can be found here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5552051/pdf/nihms890587.pdf
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