Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)

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CHARTSaaS is a cloud subscription solution for healthcare provider SMEs to design, development, deployment, operation and optimization mobile apps for real-time cognitive support. Real-time cognitive support is required for positive transformation of medical practice and healthcare delivery; because cognitive overload is arguably the root cause of medical mistakes, which are the third leading cause of patient deaths in the USA after cancer and heart disease ( and number 250K - 400K annually in the USA and 4M globally. Adoption of DIY mobile apps by healthcare provider SMEs will result in significant improvement of medical mistake mitigation, case outcome optimization, healthcare delivery cost-effectiveness, personal health management and medical knowledge accrual. Audio-visual presentations of CHARTSaaS and the Handoff Communications use case depicted in the attached illustrations are viewable at these YouTube URLs:, 12 min.;, 35 min.

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    Desire to improve significantly the practice of medicine and delivery of healthcare by minimizing iatrogenic and nosocomial patient morbidity and mortality rates.
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