Solute Ion Linear Alignment Heavy Ion Beam Cancer Therapy and Covid-19 Sterilization

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  • Solute ion linear alignment (SILA) generates energy from repulsion forces between like-charged ions that are accumulated in the capacitive deionization process (CDI).
  • Repulsion forces are based on Coulomb's Law and the electrostatic fields that are continuously radiating from the ions.
  • The Electric Force Example and the Light Bulbs provide a very dramatic illustration.

Electric Force Example – HyperPhysics Concepts

Linear alignment of ions results in vector alignment of Coulomb forces to create an ion jet for particle acceleration.

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FIG. 1-Solute Ion Heavy Ion Beam Cancer Therapy
--SILA should provide a very cheap ion beam method that might possibly be able to replace the very expensive proton accelerators in Proton Therapy Centers and thus even rural hospitals throughout the world may be able to use ion beams for cancer therapy.
–An abstract was accepted for PTCOG57-2018 Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio wherein sodium and chlorine ion beams could separate CO2 into carbon and oxygen ions and subsequently into ion beams.
--Furthermore, dissolving CO2 into plain water H2O therefore seltzer water could create protons H+ ion beams and HCO3- ion beams which would be far heavier (HCO3- molecular weight 61, proton 1 gm/gm-atomic weight) than the protons and about 4 to 5 times heavier than Carbon or Oxygen alone.
--The Bragg Peak would be even greater thereby beneficially depositing even more energy only in the tumor and not the surrounding tissue.
--Since SILA produces one positive beam and one negative beam, you can also merge the positive ion beam with the negative ion beam for a generally neutral beam if that would be advantageous.

FIG. 2 -COVID-19 Sterilization-Portable Rapid Intense UV Light or X-Rays
--SILA should complement Industrial UV technology since SILA could provide practically very low cost energy 24/7 as compared to any existing methods including solar and wind and conventional power generation.
--In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SILA should enable sterilization in view of similarities to linear accelerators for X-ray production and general need currently to utilize Cobalt 60 for gamma ray production.
--Generating Low, Medium and High Voltage X-Rays and probably also Gamma Rays if necessary may occur not by electrons or Cobalt 60 but by heavy ions that are soluble in water or other medium such as an acid.
--Small portable units carried on carts and battery-operated and applied in the field to hospitals, schools, places of public assembly, airlines and airports, etc. may mitigate any other virus outbreak.
--Vaccines are certainly highly desirable but require a long time after an outbreak occurs for development and testing and may not be effective against virus mutations.
--Very low cost sterilization by dry heat and steam may be possible since the energy source for SILA and SIMM is the electrostatic fields of like charged solute ions and not the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity.


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