UV-Peroxidation - Creating Hydroxyl Radicals to Destroy Viruses and Bacteria by Irradiating Hydrogen Peroxide with UV Light

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Described in detail in our Utility Patents (7,798,159 & 8,002,897), our submittal is the process commonly called UV-Peroxidation (element #2 below). As necessitated in Utility Patents a physical embodiment was required as an invention inclusion; we cited a device to sterilize dental prosthetics. Our patented technology consisted two elements, namely 1) a device, and 2) a low concentration (1% - 5%) H2O2 solution that is irradiated by UV light (~100 nM to ~450 nM). Quoting our ‘159 Patent (Column 3, line 57 et. seq.), “H2O2 irradiated by UV light results in the near-complete absorption of the UV light, leading to molecular photolysis of H2O2 into constituent hydroxyl (OH¯) radicals. The chemical interaction of these free, and extremely aggressive, hydroxyl radicals with bacteria and viruses causes the destruction of these pathogens by altering, among other things, their DNA (RNA) structures. Once chemically altered by the OH¯ radicals, these pathogens either die immediately or quickly mutate such that they cannot replicate, in effect dying shortly afterwards. Thus, although H2O2 is an effective biocide by itself, and UV light irradiation is effective in killing bacteria and viruses by itself, the combination of H2O2 irradiated by UV light can produce a far greater biocidal effect due to photolysis and the creation of sterilizing hydroxyl free radicals…”

Prior to our Patents the prevailing belief and practice was that H2O2 and UV light should never be used together in any application because H2O2 absorbed nearly 100% of UV light photons. We recognized that OH¯ radicals created by irradiating H2O2 with UV light produced a far more effective sanitizing agent, destroying viruses (and bacteria) significantly better than UV light alone or H2O2 alone. This conclusion was the genesis for developing UV-Peroxidation disinfecting technology, which we patented as described.

As our Patents describe, UV-Peroxidation disinfects any object or surface. Due to unequaled efficacy, it is a ‘game changer’, and represents a quantum leap forward in sterilization. UV-Peroxidation is inexpensive, uses readily-available materials and requires no special training/skills to implement. Innumerable applications for UV-Peroxidation exist; all are ‘covered’ by our Patents. Its marketability is fundamentally effortless, it has become a global ‘buzzword’ (via social media, the press, etc.) for sanitizing everything. Correspondingly, its market value is incalculably massive. The cost for personal use is < $100, commercial systems to spray & irradiate large areas may cost ~$1000, or higher). Currently, UV-Peroxidation has been usurped from our Patents (without permission) to disinfect public transportation, schools, hospitals, surgical instruments, PPE, etc. Our technology likely will be, in part, responsible for halting the COVID19 pandemic, saving thousands if not millions of human lives around our planet.

Of special note is the impetus of our work on UV-Peroxidation and the research, development and preparation of our Patent Applications were due to the insights of Independent Inventor Ms. Valerie Palfy, assisted by engineer Don A. Skomsky, PE.


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