A Revolutionary Disposable Visible & Cooler N95 Respirator

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A disposable dual visible layers respirator /mask that has a half transparent cone and a half opaque filtration cone for filtering and being seen through. The unique simple design has a few features:

  • Dual clear layers plastic film in the top and front portions that eliminates fogging and gives a wide viewing. A clear viewing makes around people feel security and more comfortable.
  • 2 special designed stops against wearer’s chin for keeping in right position, forming bigger gap between user’s face and mask. The bigger gap not only reduce breathing resistance, but also make user cooler and more comfortable.

We all know the features and material of an existing disposable N95 respirator and mask:

The almost unity nowave material acts as 3 functions: supporting, filtering, sealing. These 3 functions prefer different material proprieties. A hard and strengthen material is better for supporting. A soft material is better for sealing. A filtration material is designed to as a filter. A normal N95 respirator has be traded off for 3 basic function, that make respirator a little complex and cost more, and do not do well on supporting and sealing.

Our new transparent N95 respirator is designed in clear functions: a strong plastic sheet is acted as a screen and supporting frame, the filtration material is clamped between frames, a soft sealing foam is attached to inside the frame for forming a good closed seal. The 3 separated structures of functions give manufacturers more selections of best material and process easily in lower cost. This clear respirator can be used as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in anywhere in any seasons.

I believe a better and more comfortable visible mask will help medical workers and people amid covid-19 pandemic. It will give people a better option. I have the design of this visible mask in 3D CAD files. All of assembly models and part models can be provided. It is easy to make this visible mask in lowest cost and high automation process. Please see detail in attached file.


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    Jack Zhang
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    Jack Zhang
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    Creo 4.0
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    I like taste new experience, food, traveling
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    Could we make a simple, reliable fitted, comfortable and visible N95 mask after we go to Mars? By using all of existed filtration, clear plastic, equipment, and process, we can make people wear a mask more safe, more comfortable, more visible for everyone in cheap cost in hard time.
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