The Feet Correcting Device

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Nowadays, over 30% of people have a flat feet disease. It is a huge problem since it might cause other serious damages to the health. For instance, bunion, pain in the leg and pain in the spine during the exercises could be caused by the mentioned issue.

Most of the products require additional time and sessions with the doctor to correct the feet. Some of them are quite expensive and hard to find. Moreover, people have to learn the way of doing the exercises with those devices properly. Unluckily, many might not have time or might find it uncomfortable doing that kind of exercises. Others might need a fast result. The Feet Correcting Device (FCD) is a perfect solution for this issue.

FCD does not require any additional knowledge about medicine and the disease itself. Setting the device is based on regulating the level of the sole using the mobile application in no more than 5 minutes. FCD can affect the feet during the everyday activities. For example, it corrects the feet while being at work, while walking, running, driving a car and doing other activities.

The motors under the soles are the main part of the device. They control the level of the sole based on the current state of the feet. The user does not feel any pain from the sole while doing regular activities. The sole regulates itself as well during the phase when the person wears shoes. The level goes up and down during the specific period by some small amount.

Overall, many would benefit from this device. Does not matter, when and why, the client will always be able to defeat this kind of disease when it appears. We believe that this product will change our beautiful world.


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